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Why Appcelerator Titanium is the best cross platform mobile framework?

Posted by Qamer Farooq on March 21, 2011

Choosing the best cross platform mobile framework is the first task before any one starts developing cross platform mobile applications. More or less it all depends on your target platforms, the type of application and your trade off capacity, so we could say that the selection of some cross platform framework is a game of best match to your requirements, though each of the available frameworks provide some unique features as well.

I have looked at Titanuim, Rhodes , PhoneGap & MoSync, and opted to use “Appcelerator Titanium” as my cross platform mobile development framework, and listed the reasons below why I have done so.


  1. It supports my planned target platforms (iPhone & Android). Though Titanium will be releasing Black Berry support soon.
  2. It maps the Javascript to native code, which means your application has the real native UI instead of a web page which is presented in a native makeup (as in PhoneGap or Rhodes). This ensures much better user experience.
  3. No added effort is required to make your application more native looking (which is required in case of PhoneGap & Rhodes some how).
  4. It invokes the actual native code, so its faster than other web page based UIs.
  5. As the native APIs have WebView component available, so we can still code some application parts in html if needed.
  6. It can be extended to add any native feature, as it allows custom plug-ins using native code per platform (Java/Android, Objective C/iPhone).
  7. It has very large library of APIs for all kinds of activities and data access, and it supports Ruby, Python, and PHP scripts for broad developer coverage.
  8. Good example documentation and video tutorials for quick start development.
  9. It has an IDE which allows you to create and run projects (you don’t need to open a terminal).
  10. Bigger community is a big plus.



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